Monday, January 18, 2010

The first month of 2010 is well under way and I am still thinking in 2009! I am very excited about 2010 though because I am finally offering 2 tours that I have only dreamed about until now. It has always been my dream to offer a tour where we would stay in one location for a week and then a second location for a week. Well this dream is now a reality! These tours will include large country house mansions that offer luxury while at the same time keep the family outing experience that we are so well known for. I wanted to be able to include an itinerary that would allow for returning in the evening for a gourmet dinner in the formal dining room followed by a musical evening, games night, whisky tasting etc. We will also spend a few evenings out for dinner but since giving up my wee Scottish Tearoom I have missed being able to prepare wonderful meals that so reflected my upbringing and this affords me that opportunity to do so. Several evenings each week we will have three course gourmet dinners that offer the best in local produce, meats and seafood. My upbringing also including having tea every afternoon upon returning from school and we will have tea in the drawing room following outings where we are dining in. Fresh hot scones from the oven with jam and cream, shortbread and lovely teacakes! As with our regular tours our itinerary will be full of castle and historic sites as well as visiting the countryside and nature at its very best.

Please view the itineraries for these amazing new tours here.
Shannon McDonald Tate

Heart of Scotland Luxury Gourmet House Tour

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