Monday, January 18, 2010

2011 Tour Schedule

Yes, we have finally posted our 2011 tour schedule! I have found it very hard to contemplate 2011 when I have not yet adjusted to it being 2010. We have the usual suspects in our tour line up for the coming year. We start off our schedule with our St. Patrick's Ireland Discovery Tour in March. This is a very fun tour to do as the Irish really know how to celebrate and the music pubs are at their very best. We then have our Wales Discovery Tour at the end of April and into May. I could easily live in Wales with its many contrasting terrains and splendid castles. We then have our spring Highlands and Islands Tour in May. The Highlands and Islands tours are very popular and so we offer 2 of them a year with a second one in September. You will never see more spectacular scenery anywhere! At the end of May and into June we have added our Cotswolds, Devon and Cornwall Tour. The Cotswolds region of England is one of my favorites and you have not lived until you have had a Devonshire Cream Tea! Next in June we have the first of our Luxury House Friends and Family Tours. I am so excited about theses tours and can't wait until June 2010 when we offer our very first one! We offer a second of these tours at the end of September and into October. At the end of June and into July we have our York, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District Tour. The Yorkshire Dales is one of my most favorite places on earth and I love doing this tour! In July we offer our Ireland Discovery Tour. We are so happy to include the beautiful Northern Ireland region into this tour. At the end of August and into September we have our Whisky, Pub, Castle and Tearoom Tour. This tour covers many of my favorite places in Scotland and is one I really like leading. In October we have our Scotland and Ireland Discovery with a week in each country. And rounding out our schedule at the end of October we have our Haunted Scotland Tour.

For a full schedule of 2011 tours click here.

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